How Diana Markaki and the Boardroom are Preparing Women for Top Positions

The Boardroom is an exclusive pan-European club dedicated to promoting gender diversity and inclusion in corporate governance. Its mission is to cultivate and support accomplished women for corporate board positions, creating a diverse pipeline of talented women who can succeed in industries that are traditionally male-dominated

The trailblazing organization was founded by Diana Markaki in September 2021 and was the first private club for female executives who aspire to be board members. Following a successful first year, the Boardroom expanded its reach across Europe in October 2022 when it opened a second clubhouse in Greece. The organization also plans to continue its expansion across Europe in 2023. In the meantime, a location in London has also been opened.

The Boardroom offers its members access to exclusive clubhouses where all club activities take place. This aims to build strong relationships since face-to-face interaction is a key element of building trust, solidarity, and confidentiality.

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