The Boardroom, a Club Fostering Gender Diversity Within C-Level Positions

Business Manchester, Sam Allcock | Posted on June 29, 2023

In today’s world, as everyone is aware, there is a growing recognition of the need for gender diversity in companies. Despite women constituting over half the world’s population, they still remain underrepresented, particularly in leadership positions. Although progress has clearly gotten made, the gender gap persists as a significant issue in the global business sphere.

The lack of female representation has adverse effects, limiting the talent pool available to companies, perpetuating pay disparities, and hindering women’s career advancement. Recognizing the importance of gender diversity, initiatives like Diana Markaki’s The Boardroom are gaining traction. Consequently, more companies are actively investing in this market. In fact, research from the McKinsey Global Institute finds that, via advancing women’s equality, $12 trillion could get added to the global GDP in the next three years.

Hence, enter the mentioned Boardroom, an initiative dedicated to providing guidance and assistance to female professionals aiming for top executive positions. Supporting women striving to take up traditionally male-dominated roles is a daunting task. And this pan-European club for women executives has been active since September 2021, helping females occupy board chairs. Created by Diana Markaki, a seasoned executive, The Boardroom recognizes the significant underrepresentation of women despite their skills and talents. This passion led to the club heavily promoting gender diversity at the executive level, acting as a central hub for this pursuit.

Who Is Diana Markaki?

Diana Markaki, an accomplished professional with a background in international business, is the driving force behind The Boardroom. Drawing on her MBA from Harvard Business School, she founded this club to empower women, giving them access to corporate opportunities. Markaki is not only a successful corporate leader. But she also holds key positions in multiple organizations, serving as a board member at 5G Ventures. On top of being a partner at Venero Capital, an international investment firm specializing in ESG and Impact Investing.

Additionally, she has been an independent board member of Ellaktor Group, a prominent construction corporation. And she has held significant roles in global companies such as Gategroup and the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) Project.

Through The Boardroom, Diana attempts to share her expertise and knowledge with women worldwide, aiding them in developing the skills needed to excel in leadership and executive positions. With expanding offices and unwavering dedication, Markaki is continuously equipping an increasing number of business-minded females with the tools to become successful leaders in their fields.

The Boardroom’s Approach and Future

The Boardroom is a dynamic organization that seeks, through its private clubhouses, engaging events, and supportive community, to help women to excel in male-dominated industries. With plans to expand to Denmark, France, and the UK in 2023, The Boardroom has gotten poised to become an influential force for change worldwide, with members benefiting from workshops conducted by industry leaders, realistic board meeting simulations, and peer-to-peer learning within small groups called Inner Circles.

Networking opportunities connect Boardroom members with influential speakers, including CEOs and corporate directors, that nurture a holistic approach that aims to prepare women for leadership roles, ensuring they have the skills and connections to succeed.