Our Story

the Boardroom is building an active pipeline of qualified women executives to fill board positions.

  • January 2020

    the Boardroom idea is conceived at Harvard Business School, where Diana Markaki-Bartholdi, an international lawyer from Greece, envisioned an international community of empowered women claiming their seat at the table.

  • September 2021

    Diana’s vision takes shape! the Boardroom was founded in Switzerland as the first private club for women executives who aspire to be board members. The mission was clear: achieve gender parity on corporate boards.

  • September 2022

    the Boardroom publishes its first book, "Inspiration and Advice from Women that Made it to the Top”, as part of its efforts to change the face of leadership..

  • October 2022

    After a successful first year, the Boardroom launches its pan-European expansion to break down borders and level the playing field in business. First stop Greece, the founder's home country.

  • January 2023

    the Boardroom launched the first season of the "Unlocking the Boardroom" Podcast, a monthly masterclass for business executives who aspire to claim their seat at the boardroom table driving change from the top.

  • February 2023

    Next stop Denmark. The foundations have now been laid for a strong international network of upwardly mobile women in positions of influence across Europe.

  • May 2023

    The Founder and CEO of the Boardroom, Diana Markaki - Bartholdi, received the esteemed title of "Businesswoman and Social Entrepreneur" at the prestigious Maria Callas Awards in Monaco, marking their 3rd Anniversary Edition of 100 Years.

  • October 2023

    Following successful launches in Switzerland, Greece, and Denmark, the Boardroom expanded its reach by opening its fourth Clubhouse in the United Kingdom. This marks another significant stride in advancing our mission and empowering women executives in Europe and beyond.

  • May 2024

    Our fifth Clubhouse will soon debut in the heart of Paris, marking an exciting new chapter in our journey.