Stavros Ioannou

Stavros Ioannou is the Deputy CEO and Executive Member of the Board of Directors (BoD) of Eurobank and Eurobank Holdings. He is the Group Chief Operating Officer, responsible also for the International Activities and Wealth Management services of the Group..

Stavros started his career in banking in 1988, at Barclays Bank PLC. In 2003 he was elected Executive Member of the BoD of Millennium Bank. In 2005 he was appointed Chief Executive Officer at Eurobank A.D. Beograd, which he was heading until 2008, since when he continues to be a non Executive Member of the BoD, now operating under the name Eurobank Direktna a.d. He has served as General Manager Retail Banking (2013– 2014). He is currently a Member of the BoD at Eurobank Bulgaria AD since October 2015, Member of the BoD at Eurobank Cyprus Ltd since November 2015 and Chairman of the BoD at BE-Business Exchanges SA since January 2014. Throughout his career he has also served as a non Executive BoD Member in various organizations such as New Hellenic Post Bank, New Proton Bank, Eurolife, Grivalia Properties REIC, Cardlink S.A.

He is Member of the Executive Committee of the Hellenic Banking Association since 2013, where he is appointed as Chairman since 2020. He is also non-executive Member of the BoD of Grivalia Management Company S.A. He is Chairman of Eurobank’s ESG Management Committee and the responsible BoD Member for the Women in Banking initiative.

He holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the University of Piraeus and a Master Degree in Banking & Finance from the University of Wales, United Kingdom.