Helping Women Rise to the Corporate Top – The Boardroom

The London Economic, by Ben Williams | Posted on Jule 27, 2023

Navigating roles that have traditionally gotten reserved for men has long posed a significant challenge for most women

However, addressing this issue head-on is The Boardroom, a club created to support and guide top female professionals, up and running since September 2021.

Specifically tailored for executive and C-level women, The Boardroom aims to deliver invaluable support and comprehensive training to aid them in jumping over all obstacles associated with a male-dominated culture by equipping women with the necessary tools and resources to thrive and succeed in their respective fields.

A recent study conducted by Altrata has highlighted the significant impact of having a female CEO or board chair on a company’s gender diversity. The study examined data from 1,677 publicly traded companies across twenty countries and found that the representation of women in boardrooms and executive positions remains disappointingly low. Only 28.2% of board members are women, and many hold non-executive roles focused on oversight rather than decision-making authority. Moreover, the study revealed that only 9.9% of executive directors and 8.9% of board chairs are women. Hence, the demand for an organization such as The Boardroom to spring to life and boost female representation throughout various sectors by prioritizing efforts to enhance gender diversity and inclusion to achieve equity in corporate power dynamics.

The problem does not only exist in UK

Looking at Europe as a whole, it is women who seem to be chronically under-represented in leadership positions and boardrooms. Despite quotas and other mechanisms that can contribute to solving the problem, they do not guarantee a more diverse economic landscape.

Often there is a lack of networks and the right levers. This is where various initiatives such as the Swiss network The Boardroom come in. Founded by Diana Markaki, The Boardroom plans to bring its exclusive club to London and the UK. The Boardroom is a trailblazing organization dedicated to empowering women and promoting gender diversity in the corporate sphere. Their mission is twofold: empowering women and creating role models. The organization supports senior female talent, cultivating a pipeline of women ready to thrive in male-dominated environments. Recognizing the importance of diversity, they foster a culture of inclusion and welcome male supporters.

How the Boardroom Supports Women and Fosters Inclusion

With two hundred and fifty members from twenty-three countries and twenty-two industries, The Boardroom is in the process of building a vibrant and diverse community, offering a holistic approach to support women in their journey toward board positions. Recognizing the gender disparity in corporate boards, the club supplies practical training, workshops, and simulations to sharpen executive skills, with members getting assigned to smaller groups labeled the Inner Circle, where they can learn from each other and grow.

Networking opportunities are pivotal in any business, and the Boardroom emphasizes this, with influential speakers and exclusive board-level meeting opportunities happening continuously within the club. The organization has expanded to London and plans further European expansion in 2023.