the Boardroom is the most exclusive education club for women executives who want to excel as board members.


At the Boardroom we have developed a holistic approach to board-readiness, based on four pillars:

1. Board Education
› Members attend a series of interactive workshops, based on a complete 5-module curriculum, intended to sharpen board-readiness skills. Workshops are carried out by industry leaders, lawyers, experienced corporate directors and subject-matter experts.

› Members participate in board meeting simulations, in which they act as a board of directors, based on real life case-studies developed by renowned business schools. The goal of the simulation is for them to experience a real board meeting and pre-board work.

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2. Inner Circle coaching
› Each member is assigned to a group of 8-10 women (Inner Circle), who meets monthly to work through challenges and real-life business situations, facilitated by an executive coach.

› Inner Circles are designed to include members at the same professional level, but across a variety of different industries, companies, roles and backgrounds, so they can share knowledge and experiences and provide peer-counsel from different angles.

› The Inner Circle leadership development and peer learning sessions are based on the key competencies that comprise effective leadership performance in the boardroom.

3. Strategic Networking
› Members network with career contemporaries from across companies, industries and roles, forging deep and meaningful connections.

› They attend speaker series with experienced corporate directors, CEOs and market leaders and have access to exclusive Board opportunities.

› Male supporters are an integral part of our network, providing access to the top decision-makers in the country and fostering a culture of inclusion in the corporate environment.

› To ensure an impactful peer-to-peer learning and networking experience, the Boardroom is an invite/referral-only membership club and members must be nominated and vetted.

4. Inspiration
› Members have access to inspirational events, formal dinners with industry icons and influential guests from around the world, as “you can’t be what you can’t see”.


› Members have exclusive access to the Boardroom’s Clubhouse.

› Physically located across major cities around Europe, these elegant facilities host all activities of the Boardroom, as we believe face-to-face interaction helps our members hone the trust, solidarity and confidentiality that make the Boardroom relationships so uniquely valuable.


› Members log into the Boardroom app to stay in close contact with their Inner Circle and connect with other members worldwide in real-time, where they can:

  • Register for upcoming events
  • Stay informed with the latest news
  • Connect with members by filtering through company, title, and location
  • Access board documents and other valuable resources
  • Engage in discussions on business-critical topics across various forums, spanning industries and interests